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  • Photo's and Video's
    Photos and Video are encouraged. Check that your cameras and video equipment are charged and you have room on your digital card. You are going to want to take pictures and video as soon as Santa arrives. You can use the videos and pictures for your personal use but you may not resell my image.
  • Parking
    Please reserve a space if possible for Santa to park. Santa comes fully dressed and it can get hot in his suit. If he has to walk very far it can take extra time to arrive at your house. People like to stop and say hi if they see Santa walking down the street, this can also delay my arrival at your house.
  • Gifts
    Please provide a small wrapped tagged gift for each child (something that they want but not a major item) as a pre-Christmas gift that Santa can give them during his visit to open after he leaves (these will be hidden at the side or back door where you meet your Surprise Visitor and he will place them in his magical sack for each child) Please also provide names and ages in advance
  • Pets
    Santa loves animals but wants to make sure that they are safe as well as the guest.Pets are allowed but they must be locked up in a separate room till after I arrive. We can then do a test and see how they react. Some pets are very scared of the red suit and a new person.
  • Chair
    Santa prefers a strong chair with no arms. Makes it easier to have the children and even the grown-ups room to sit on his lap. Sitting in a big comfy chair or couch can make it difficult for everyone to sit on his lap. For the best photos have the chair near the tree or fireplace.
  • Payment
    If you have not paid in advance with a credit card then please put the money in a Christmas card. We do not want the children seeing money exchanging hands. Takes away from the event.
  • Food
    Santa loves to get cookies and milk. He does have a request. He will not be able to drink anything while he is visiting, If you are going to have cookies Santa prefers no chocolate. A small bag of cookies to take is the best plan that way Santa can share them with the Reindeers.
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